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Every journey begins with the first step. We believe in human value, in continuous training and in talent. We kindly invite you to meet us. Do you want to grow with us?

Committed to innovation, Tecdisma is a leading supplier in the automotive industry. Innovation is always there, in every stage of the development of our products. Our engineers introduce new concepts and ideas every day so as to fully satisfy our clients

Our employees are the most important actors for us. This is why we are constantly looking for workers ready to accept business responsibilities, assume our values and continuously exchange knowledge, which will turn into more efficient and innovative solutions in the future.


Tecdisma Ltd. was founded in 2001 as an engineering company for design, production and assembly of component assembly lines for the automotive industry and industrial robotics.

We consider continuous training an important element for achieving our goal.

Tecdisma promotes continuous training for employees. Together with our suppliers and clients, we update our technical knowledge about new products, systems and applications.

We recognize continuous education and training of motivated employees as key to success.


As a growing company, Tecdisma has got a wide range of opportunities for people motivated to work with us.

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“Today’s youth is tomorrow’s leaders.”

We give you the opportunity to get your first job as an intern at Tecdisma. First work experiences are a great way to get real abilities.

If you've just finished your studies or already have experience as a trainee and you wish to boost your career, you are welcome to Tecdisma.

We consider this learning method an excellent way to develop and reach talented graduates. This first experience could be the beginning of a long career at Tecdisma.

We truly believe today’s graduates are tomorrow’s experts and managers.

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